Crypto Weekly # 127 – Cryptocurrency news of the week

News about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is in constant turmoil. It can happen that vital information gets lost in the daily news flow and you miss important points.

This format is there to remedy that. We return to the news of the past week in the Crypto Weekly to keep you informed on the current situation of Bitcoin Evolution scam.

For the unmissable of this week we find Thibaud Maréchal , who questions the possibility of a transition between the current monetary system and a Bitcoin-centered economy .

Is Bitcoin going to replace the system?

The parallel today seems obvious as to the existence of Bitcoin as a new native internet monetary system which, like gravity or the solar system, unmistakably exists. Bitcoin is simply not yet seen and understood by all as such.

The state dogma of fiat currencies and the illusion of price stability made possible by central banks is still relevant today. Obviously, the state is in a position homologous to that of the Church in the Middle Ages, advocating a view, not only obsolete, but false of the world. Money doesn’t need a government to be valuable.

However, this goes against the interests of this decaying institution

The obscurantist attitude of central banks, in opposition to the dissemination of knowledge about money, is a tyrannical relic of feudalism, supported by generalist media that are not very investigative, often financed by public funds. At the head of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde, mentions that „we should be happier to have a job rather than our savings being protected“ .

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